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Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP


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SKU: 029174
Manufacturer Art. No: 7461

Compact & extremely powerful, the Stinger®LED HP and Stinger DS®LED HP rechargeable flashlights offer 3 microprocessor controlled variable intensity modes, strobe mode and the latest in power LED technology. The combination of rechargeable batteries and the C4®LED results in one of the lowest operating costs of any flashlight made.



There is a real need to cut costs wherever possible, yet we cannot afford to forget about environmental issues. Streamlight high power rechargeable LED flashlights make good economic environmental sense.

Over time they cost significantly less to operate decreasing the amount of batteries used, relieving the problem of battery disposal. With Streamlight LED rechargeable flashlights, your company will not only save on the cost of batteries.

Since LEDs have a long life and won't burn out or won't break, they never need to be replaced. Your light will always be ready when you need it. Extremely powerful rechargeable flashlight offers 3 microprocessor controlled variable intensity modes (high medium, low), and strobe.

Case Material: 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with non-slip rubberized comfort grip. Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating

Dimensions and weight: Length: 9.65 in. (24.51 cm) Body Diameter: 1.17 in. (2.97 cm) 14.0 oz (396 grams)

Light source: C4 ® LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime. Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range targeting beam with optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation. Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity.

On/off: Multi-function, easy access head mounted push-button switch designed for extremely long life; tested at 1 million actuations and multi-function push-button tactical tailswitch where both switches offer full feature control independent of each other

Battery: 3-Cell, 3.6-Volt NiCd sub-C battery is rechargeable up to 1000 times 3-cell, 3.6 Volt Ni-MH sub-C battery, rechargeable up to 1000 times offered in 230V AC and 12V DC European systems

Charging: Steady charger fully recharges in 10 hours on 100V, 120V, 230V or 240VAC, or 12VDC. 2.5 hour fast charger or PiggyBack ® charger models available.

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  • Vikt: 396 g (inkl batteri)
  • Material: Maskinbehandlad anodiserad flygplansaluminium,art
  • Mått: 24,51 x 5,59 cm
  • Lins: Okrossbar repbehandlad polykarbonat
  • Vattenskydd: Vattentålig (IPX4)
  • Batterityp: Ã…teruppladdningsbara 3-cell, 3.6 Volt Ni-Cm sub-C batterier
  • Ljuskälla: Hägintensiv C4 LED
  • Brinntid: 7,25 / 3,75 / 2 timmar (låg/medium/häg)
  • Av/På-funktion: Dualswitch - tryckknapp på lampans bakände samt på lampkroppen
  • Ljuseffekt: 50 / 100 / 200 lumens (låg/medium/häg)
  • Strålintensitet: 11 000 / 24 000 / 48 000 candela (låg/medium/häg)
  • Strålavstånd: 209 / 309 / 438 meter (låg/medium/häg)
  • Slagtålighet: 3 meter
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