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Icom IC-M400BB Marine Transceiver


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SKU: 021468
Manufacturer Art. No: 80376

The IC-M423 is Icom's next generation VHF/DSC has a new user interface which makes driving this Icom fixed mount incredibly simple. This compact radio features Active Noise Cancelling Technology that reduces background noise by 90%. It also packs 10W from its loud speaker making sure your calls are clearly heard.



  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Full dot-matrix LCD
  • Intuitive user interface with directional keypad and rotary selector
  • Active noise cancelling
  • 10W loud audio with public address and foghorn functions (external speaker required)
  • Black Box setup - full remote operation through HM195

Space-Saving, Two-Piece Configuration

The IC-M400BB consists of a two-piece, black box configuration. The RF unit, IC-M400BB, can be installed in an out-of-sight place and the COMMANDMIC, HM-195B/SW, provides full function control from up to 18.3m (60ft) away from the RF unit.

New Intuitive User Interface

The new menu system is shared with Icom's latest models. The bottom line of the dot-matrix display shows the software key functions which can be toggled with the left and right buttons.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology

The built-in bidirectional active noise canceller reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming calls. This could be really essential for you, making you heard when you really need to, such as when the weather conditions are poor or if engines are running.

10W Loud Audio, Public Address and Foghorn

The IC-M400BB has a built-in 10W amplifier that increases the audio output from an additional external speaker. The public address function allows you to make an announcement from the microphone like a loud speaker, and the foghorn can also be emitted from the external speaker.

Built-in Class D DSC

The IC-M400BB meets the latest Class D regulation (ITU-R M493-13 and EN 300 338-3). The built-in DSC watch function monitors Ch. 70 (DSC channel) activity, even while you are receiving another channel. DSC "Distress" button on the back of the COMMANDMIC™, HM-195B/SW. DSC functions include: distress, individual, group, all ships, urgency, safety, position request/report*, polling request* and DSC test calls.

NMEA 0183 Input /Output for Common GPS/NAV Interface

When connected to an external GPS receiver, current position and time are shown on the Commandmic display. When receiving position information from another vessel, the radio can transfer it to a navigational device via NMEA 0183 connectivity.

AIS Target Call with MA-500TR

The IC-M400BB can be integrated with the MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder allowing you to transmit DSC individual calls to a selected vessel instantly without manual MMSI entry.

MarineCommander Compatible

When connected to the MarineCommander, the received DSC message pops up on the multi-function display.

IPX7 Waterproof Protection (1.0m depth for 30 minutes)

The IC-M400BB and HM-195B/SW withstand submersion in up to 1.0m depth of water for 30 minutes.

Favourite Channel Function

The favourite channel function allows you efficient scanning and quick channel selection. Set the favourite channel (˜… mark) to the channels used most often. When pushing the up/down buttons on the hand microphone, only the tagged channels are selected, while unmarked channels are skipped. Normal and priority scan searches active channels from the favourite channels.

Other Features

  • AquaQuake water draining function for HM-195B/SW
  • Dual/tri-watch function for monitoring Ch.16 and/or call channel
  • LCD and keypad backlighting (HM-195B/SW)
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  • Vikt: 1400 g
  • Mått: 216.0 x 79.0 x 125.0 mm
  • Vattenskydd: Ja (IP68)
  • Temperaturområde: -20 till +60 grader Celsius
  • Frekvensband: 156.000-161.450 MHz (sändning), 156.000-163.425 MHz (mottagning)
  • Kanaler: Samtliga marinkanaler
  • Uteffekt: 1 W och 25 W
  • Strömförbrukning (Sändning): 5.5 A
  • Strömförbrukning (Mottagning): 3.5 A (max volym)
  • Strömförbrukning (Stand-by): 0.6 A
  • Klassning: IP68
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