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Garmin f?nix


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SKU: 024790
Manufacturer Art. No: 010-01040-01

Garmin Fénix is discontinued. This page is online for people who are looking for compatible accessories, which can be found at the bottom of this page under the tab "Accessories".



Garmin Fénix is discontinued. This page is online for people who are looking for compatible accessories, which can be found at the bottom of this page under the tab "Accessories".

  • Altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass with automatic sensor calibration
  • Up to 1,000 waypoints and store up to 10,000 track points
  • TracBack reverses the track log to navigate back to your starting point
  • Wireless capability to share routes, tracks and waypoints with other devices
  • Compatible with wireless heart rate monitor, cadence sensors and tempe wireless temperature sensor

The game changing outdoor GPS watch for mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts

Garmin fénix is the first GPS navigator + ABC (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass) wristwatch to include comprehensive Garmin GPS navigation. Developed together with professional mountain guides and designed for the serious expeditionist and outdoor enthusiast, fénix is the hands-free outdoor navigation tool that guides you with confidence through demanding mountain environments, allowing you to make your own way to the summit and back to the safety of a mountain shelter. With self-calibrating ABC sensors and Garmin quality navigation features such as TracBack it provides a new standard for navigation in mountain environments.

You can create and follow routes and mark up to 1,000 waypoints which you can navigate with ease. In addition fénix can store up to 10,000 track points. Share data wirelessly with other compatible Garmin GPS units and smartphones*. Naturally, as a navigating GPS+ABC watch, it also includes altimeter, barometer, 3-axis electronic compass and temperature sensor. Rugged, stylish and waterproof to 50m it's as comfortable for everyday wear in the inner city as it is off the beaten path, conquering mountains or having great adventures.

Navigation by Garmin

No other navigator GPS+ABC wristwatch offers you the GPS navigation capabilities of Garmin -- The world's most trusted name in navigation. fénix tracks where you have been, but it can also guide you into the wilderness and, more importantly, guide you back out again so you can feel 100% confident and safe with every step you take.

It records a track log, creating a GPS "bread crumb trail" as you move. It also allows you to mark waypoints, such as your vehicle location, safety shelter, great viewpoints and other POIs (points of interest). With fénix, you can create and follow routes, mark up to 1,000 waypoints and store up to 10,000 track points. You even can create your trip data on BaseCamp, the free desktop trip-planning software from Garmin. Plan your trip at home, download all data to fénix and follow the navigation arrow to waypoints or the clearly visible track line to your destination. Use TracBack to show you the way home.

Wristwatch Convenience

Rugged and attractive, the fénix is also a highly accurate timepiece that can be worn everyday. It includes settings for alarms, chimes and vibration alerts. It also functions as a timer, stopwatch and world clock. But above all it is the ultimate statement for your mountain and outdoor lifestyle.


fénix has a built-in barometric altimeter that provides accurate elevation information along your way. This enables you to keep track of your ascent and descent, so you always know how high you climb from base to summit. With automatic calibration, altimeter accuracy is improved thanks to fénix continuously monitoring and recalibrating the sensor. So you will always know how far you have to climb until you reach your destination.


The built-in barometer can help you monitor and predict weather changes by showing you short-term changes in the barometric air pressure. As an example, if the barometric pressure begins a steady decline, this is an indication for an impending storm.


fénix includes a 3-axis electronic compass that keeps your bearing in any position and also whether you're moving or not. Sight a bearing and be confident fénix will keep you headed toward your goal. The compass sensor can alternatively be set to automatic calibration ensuring you always hit your destination point.


Similar to Garmin's world leading GPS running watches, fénix provides comprehensive real-time performance monitoring for athletes such as trail runners and ski mountaineers. With lap and autolap function and important performance data e.g. distance, vertical speed and pace, ambitious mountaineers can keep track of their progress during their outdoor training or other fitness activities. fénix is also compatible with Garmin's optional premium heart rate monitor for heart rate information or with a speed/cadence sensor for distance, speed and cadence while on a bike. All displayed data fields are fully customisable right off the wrist.

Accurate Temperature / tempe

You can gain insight into temperature trends from the built-in temperature sensor. With tempe Garmin has once again broken new ground in terms of accuracy for outdoor watches. Tempe is Garmin's new ANT+ temperature sensor which gives you precise ambient temperature reading without influence of body temperature. Knowing how rapidly the temperature is rising or falling can help you determine clothing and shelter needs, and whether it's time to turn back.

Wireless Unit-to-unit Communication

You can easily share tracks, waypoints, routes and paperless geocaches wirelessly with other compatible Garmin GPS units and smartphones*. fénix is equipped with both ANT+ capabilities and Bluetooth technology.


  • fénix outdoor GPS watch
  • AC adapter with pluc
  • USB cable
  • Manual
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  • Användningsområde: Friluftsliv
  • Vikt: 82 g (2.9 oz) med batterier
  • Användningsområde: Friluftsliv
  • Mått: 4.9 x 4.9 x 1.7 cm
  • Vattentät: Ja (50 m)
  • Batteritid: upp till 50 timmar (GPS), upp till 6 veckor (klocka)
  • Digitalkamera: Nej
  • Batterityp: Uppladdningsbart lithium-ion
  • Skärmstorlek: 3.1 cm (diameter)
  • Pekskärm: Nej
  • Skärmupplösning: 70 x 70 pixlar
  • Skärm: transflektiv,artvit LCD
  • Högkänslig GPS: Ja
  • Elektronisk kompass: Ja, 3-axlig
  • Barometrisk höjdmätare: Ja
  • Expanderbart minne: Nej
  • Inbyggt minne: 20 MB
  • USB-grönssnitt: Ja
  • Vägpunkter: 10000
  • Spårloggar: 100
  • Antal spårpunkter: 10000
  • Resor/sträckor per resa: 50
  • Papperslös geocaching: Ja
  • Förladdade kartor: Nej
  • Överföringsbara kartor: Nej
  • Turn-by-turn: Nej
  • Jakt-/Fiskekalender: Ja
  • Information om sol/måne: Ja
  • Inbyggt minne: 20 MB
  • Användningsområde: Friluftsliv
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