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Fällkniven S1z


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SKU: 020916
Manufacturer Art. No: S1z

Fällkniven S1 with injection molded zytel sheath. This high quality sheath is indifferent to weather, temperature and wear. (Zytel sheath)



  • S1 - Standard model with leather sheath.
  • S1z - The new injection molded zytel sheath offers a neat safe and strong combination of qualities which should be very attractive to any user. Now new sheath for left-handed, same quality same price.
  • S1b - Black blade with CeraCoat 8H. This extremely tough surface will also protect the blade from any corrosion agent.
  • S1bz - The S1b with Zytel sheath.

S1 The Forest Knife is probably the best hunting and fishing knife ever made. Its sturdy blade made of the new extremely strong stainless laminate VG10 custom steel is convex grounded for extra strong cutting power with no risk for edge breakage. The modified clippoint design works well for penetrating purposes, the long curved edge is ideal for skinning. The blade is long enough for lighter chopping and won't break, it's full 5 mm (0.2") thick!

Would you prefer to get no reflection from the blade, we offer a black CeraCoat 8H version.

The checkered handle gives a good grip even when your hands are cold or wet. Depending on your needs, you have the possibility to chose from two kinds of sheaths, an open-top dangler in thick, black leather or a zytel sheath with snappers around the handle. Like all our models, the S1 Forest Knife is well tested before release, you will find no teething problems.

If your looking for total quality, a classic knife from Fallkniven AB, is never wrong. Try the S1 Forest Knife, you won't be disappointed!

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