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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD


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Manufacturer Art. No: 119537

Bushnell Trail Cam HD 2012 features true HD video resolution with audio record for stunning clarity and detail. This trail camera is an upgraded version of Bushnells top-selling Trophy Cam Series.



  • 8MP CMOS Image Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor
  • 0.6-sec Trigger Speed
  • HD 720p Video Recording
  • 32-LED Night Vision Flash with 60' Range
  • Time Lapse, Continuous Shooting
  • B&W Text LCD Display
  • Date, Time, Moon Phase Stamp
  • Runs on AA Batteries
  • Accepts 32GB SDHC Memory Card

The brown Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera from Bushnell is a trail/wildlife camera equipped with an 8MP CMOS image sensor and a Hyper PIR motion sensor. The latter can be set to adjustable, with selectable low, medium and high levels, or auto mode. The camera has a fast 0.6-sec trigger speed. Additionally, it features a black-and-white text LCD screen. Capture HD 720p video. A Night Vision flash made up of 32 LEDs provides an effective range of 60'. Field Scan time-lapse mode captures images at pre-set intervals from 1 sec to 60 min, allowing you to see change over time. There's also a continuous shooting mode enabling you to capture two or three images per trigger instead of just one.

The camera stamps your images with the date and time of capture, as well as the phase of the moon on that date and the temperature at that time. Also benefit from GPS geotagging capability. The camera is powered by AA batteries. Insert an optional SDHC memory card up to 32GB in capacity.

8MP Resolution

At the heart of the camera is a CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 8MP. Capture full-color images in both well-lit and dim lighting conditions, thanks to the day / night autosensor

PIR Motion Sensor

Motion-activated up to a range of 60', the PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects the changes in temperature that occur when subjects move and captures images in response. In adjustable mode, you can set the sensor to low, medium or high. You can also select auto mode to have the sensor automatically regulate sensitivity based on temperature

LCD Screen

Equipped with a black-and-white text LCD monitor

HD Video Recording

Capture HD 1280x720p movies from 1 to 60 sec in length--with sound. The 16:9 aspect ratio gives you widescreen videos

Hybrid Capture Mode

Shoot full-resolution images and video simultaneously each time the camera is triggered

Hyper Night Vision Flash

Composed of 32 LEDs, the flash provides an effective range of 60' and offers sharp image quality in darkness. Multi Flash mode lets you adjust flash power to conserve battery life where necessary

Freeze Frame Shutter

During nighttime capture, the camera automatically sets the shutter speed to a faster setting, allowing you to freeze motion and eliminate blur. Thanks to the Hyper Night Vision flash, it's possible to use fast speeds and still get properly-lit images

Time-Lapse Shooting

Select the Field Scan 2x time-lapse mode to capture images at pre-set intervals from 1 sec to 60 min within the hours you choose, so you can see change over time. Two available time slots enable you to monitor game movement at both dusk and dawn. In time-lapse mode, the camera is not triggered by movement--but the motion sensor will still capture images of anything that moves while time-lapse shooting is underway

Multi-Image Mode

The continuous shooting mode allows the camera to snap two or three shots each time it's triggered, rather than just one

Date, Time and Temperature Stamp

The camera records the date and time of capture on your images, as well as the temperature at that time

Moon Phase Stamp

The camera stores moon phase data on its internal memory chip. By recording the phase of the moon at the time of capture on your photo, it allows you to see which animals are inactive during a full or nearly-full moon--when the brighter lighting conditions will make them more visible to predators. Moon phase also helps you determine if brighter or darker backgrounds in your images are due to the fullness of the moon

GPS Geotagging

You can automatically embed GPS coordinates to make it easier to track game and decide exactly where to place the camera to get the best images

Withstands Weather and Extreme Temperatures

Weatherproof body is built to resist rain and allows the camera to operate in temperatures from -5 to 140ºF


Runs on 4-8 AA batteries. Also compatible with an optional external power supply

SDHC Card Slot

Insert an SDHC memory card up to 32GB in capacity (sold separately)

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