Active Outfit presents Swedish outdoor company Silva as the latest brand in the store.

We dare to say that most Scandinavians who knows the first thing about navigation probably started their learning curve off with a Silva compass in their hand. We dare also say that they probably still use Silva's compasses if they are still doing any navigation. Silva's outdoor legacy in Scandinavia is just that great, not to mention the praise given to their headlamps - which are absolutely necessary if you want to exercise during the dark part of the year in our region. 

This made it an easy choice for us to add their entire line of outdoor products to our product range. Yeah, you read it correctly. We have added every single product available in their catalogue, but if there by any chance would still is a Silva outdoor product out there that you can't in our range just give us a shout and we will add it right away, as long as it is still available.

Silva headlamps

Silva's wide range of headlamps spans all areas of use and there is a model for every budget, as well. From the simple models that provide a cheap LED lights of good quality to the more exclusive models with several high power LEDs that will turn night into day and make people mistake you for a 18 wheeler with the headlights on "full blast". Which model ends up being the right choice for you is just that - your choice. We simple added them all to our product range and tried to provide as much information as possible in order to help you make the best choice.

Pretty much all of Silva's headlamps feature the latest LED technology as well as Silva's Intelligent Light technology that is designed to give the right type of light in the right place. This means the lights illuminate a wide area closest to your body to make sure you find your footing, while at the same time giving a strong light with long reach in the distance where you keep the focus of your eye. This is provides an optimal image and enables you to perform even extreme sports such as down hill skiing and mountainbiking in pitch black darkness.

Silva compasses

Silva have a wide selection of compasses as well, which is natural seeing how this is one of the companies key product areas. The products range from simple directional compasses that can be attached to a zipper or your key chain to outdoor compasses for hiking and other expeditions, thumb compasses for orienteering as well as marine compasses for boating and kayaking.

Silva bicycle lights

During all of the year that Silva has been one of the market leading manufacturers of headlamps it holds to reason that they should know a thing or two about building high quality lights. With this insight it was inevitable that they would sooner or later go "hey, we should probable make other types of lights as well" which was exactly what happened some years ago. Their first move was to enter the market of lighting products for bicycles, building on their strengths from the headlamp segment. The lights range from simpler models for the everyday commuter to advanced models for professional athletes. No matter which model you choose we feel confident that you won't be going back to the old light you bought at the gas station anytime soon...

Other outdoor products from Silva

Besides the core product segments listed above Silva has branched out to produce a wide range of other outdoor products. The curious can take a closer look at weather stations, dry bags, waterproof cases, map cases, outdoor cookware, pedometers and vacuum flasks.

We have tried to add as much information as possible for each product at their respective product page where you can find indepth information about each product as well as technical data, manuals and videos (if available). You can also read more about the products and the company itself on Silvas official home page.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have further questions about the products or if there is anything else we can help you with.

Feedback, comments and questions directly on the blog are also welcome, as always!

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