Garmin upgrades Astro series with the new DC 50 dog collar.

Garmin's Astro series is without a doubt one of the most popular dog tracking system for hunters looking to add new dimensions to their hunting. Garmin now takes the next step in improving the series further with the new DC 50 dog collar.

DC 50 features a new, improved VHF antenna that is braided from stainless steel. This gives up to 14 km reach and improved properties in tough terrain. Together with an updated Astro 320 handheld unit this gives an improved battery life (26-54 hours).

DC 50 uses both GPS and GLONASS positioning systems which helps you locate the position faster and maintain high accuracy even in the roughest terrain.

The new Astro with DC 50 dog collar is available as a bundle with Astro 320 handheld unit or sold as loose units of the new DC 50 dog collar (for those that already own a handheld unit). The new dog collar is fully compatible with previously sold Astro 320 units (may require free software upgrade), but it is not compatible with older Astro 220 handhelds.

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